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Willcome to the NC clan Pageanim by oniejj xD  

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11. 2.08
Eragon,oniejj,DarkB,are now the OFFICIAL NC LEADERS!!! 

28. 1.08
SPECIAL Thanks to Eragon! for the NEW animatet Picture!
(up from the site. 
(big NC Meeting part2.
 report soon by Match.)

gif. anim by Eragon xD 
27. 1.08
We got 2 new Members Jazz  and  Anna : )
the NC clan have now 11 Members!,
[by the 26.1.08 was a big NC Meeting.. report by Match << ]
gif. anim by DarkB : )
26. 1.08
the NC clan is looking for Members.. 
so if you have fun to join, tell it me or a Co-leader
Bart and Lena joined to NC!
gif. anim by Eragon : )

23. 1.08
The NC Clan have now CO-Leaders!
(Eragon,oniejj,darkB, are now the Official 
22. 1.2008
Its free for all to Join ,
if you are in no clans..

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